BeanBag is a set of modules that provide some syntactic sugar to make interacting with REST APIs easy and pleasant.

A simple example:

>>> import beanbag  # version 1 api
>>> github = beanbag.BeanBag("")
>>> watchers = github.repos.ajtowns.beanbag.watchers()
>>> for w in watchers:
...     print(w["login"])
>>> import beanbag.v2 as beanbag # version 2 api
>>> github = beanbag.BeanBag("")
>>> watchers = GET(github.repos.ajtowns.beanbag.watchers)
>>> for w in watchers:
...     print(w.login)


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BeanBag is inspired by Kadir Pekel’s Hammock, though sadly only shares a license, and not any actual code. Hammock is available from

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